Alegria Replacement Footbed Inserts

  • Alegria Replacement Footbed Insert


Alegria Replacement Footbed Inserts

A colorful pattern alone does not make a shoe an "Alegria." It is our footbed -- the foundation of our shoes -- that makes Alegria stand out from the rest. You will feel the difference in comfort and support from the minute you put on a pair, and here's why:

  •    Patented interlocking technology secures footbed to outsole
  •    Engineered with cork, soft polyurethane & memory foam with leather cover
  •    Conforms to natural contours of the feet to create customized arch support
  •    Removable
  •    Available in both Regular and Wide

Please note: The Wide Width is thinner than the Regular which allows your feet to sit lower, in the more wide part of the shoe.

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