Home Health Care Products

Home Health Care Products

Home Health Care Products By Mobb Medical are Innovative, well built and affordable. f you're caring for a loved one at home or you are a home healthcare provider, you will find everything you need here to get the job done. We Provide a wide range of everyday living products for inside and outside the home through trusted, caring products made to meet your family's changing health.

  • bed wedge

    Mobb Health Care

    Bed Wedge

    Starting At $59.99
    Bed Wedge: MHBW7     24"W x 24"D x 7"HMHBW     24"W x 24"D x 10"H The bed wedge offers an alternative lying position 2 styles of elevation either 7” or 10” Can also be used for elevation of the leg or foot Made with...
    Starting At $59.99
  • Ez Grip Bed Rail Mobb Ez Grip Bed Rail

    Ez Grip Bedrail

    Ez Grip Bedrail: MHEGBR  Help assist in and out of bed  Convenient storage  Comfortable to grasp, non-metal handles are warm  Easy to install rails slide between the mattress and box spring  Fits a twin, full and...
  • bed assist rail bed assist rail

    Mobb Health Care

    Bed Assist Rail

    Bed Assist Rail: MHHBR Ease into and out of bed Anti-slide grip Safety straps to secure to bedframe No tool assembly Easy to install Supports 250 lbs.
  • knee protector heel protector

    Mobb Health Care

    Fibre Heel Protector

    Fibre Heel Protector: MHDHP  Fibre Heel Protectors are designed for reducing pressure on heels and elbows  Adjustable Velcro to fit any size heel or elbow  Helps to prevent the formation of decubitus ulcers  Filled...
  • knee separator knee protector

    Mobb Health Care

    The Knee Separator

    Starting At $39.99
    Split Knee Separator: MHKS-BL BlackMHKS-NN Navy Blue 9.8"L x 7.8"W x 5.9/2.9"H The Split Knee Separator is a revolution in the care and comfort of the back during sleep. Allows the spine to assume its natural “S” shape...
    Starting At $39.99
  • bed pad

    Mobb Health Care

    Uber Pad

    Uber Pad: BP3DMP 30” x 60” x 3/4”  3D mesh allows for air circulation and temperature regulation  Allows for a cooler, dryer and more comfortable underpad experience  Improves comfort and skin health by keeping...
  • IWalk


    IWalk Style#: MHIW Eliminates the pain, fatigue and inconvenuence of crutches. Increases mobility during recovery periods. Fully adjustable to both left or right leg use and fits 4'10 to 6'6.
  • folding headrest wheel chair headrest

    Mobb Health Care

    Folding Headrest

    Folding Headrest: MHWHR Allows chairs with soft backs to have a mounted headrest. No need to be removed for transport or storage. Width adjustable from 16-20" to fit most wheelchairs. Tool free height, depth, and swivel adjustability for easy...
  • mobb wheel chair mobb wheel chair

    Mobb Health Care

    MOBB Wheelchair

    MOBB Wheelchair: MHWC9061 Fold down back rest Weighs 32lbs fully assembled Push to lock wheel stop “C” clips for easy, no tool adjustability of anti-tippers and footplates 18” seat width Made from lightweight aluminum Flip...
  • Transport Chair mobb chair

    Mobb Health Care

    MOBB Transport Chair

    MOBB Transport Chair: MHTC9093 Made from lightweight aluminum Fold-down backrest Full Length arm rest Removable footplate hangers 19 pounds when fully assembled 18” width Velcro pouch for small items
  • Walker Ski tips

    Walker Skiis

    Walker Skis: MHSKI Glides over all surfaces Fits most standard 1 inch to 1 1/8 inch walker tubing. Easy to install
  • Walker Coasters walker tips

    Walker Coasters

    Walker Coasters MHWAC   • Designed to be the best replacement walker tips on the market, overcoming many of the problems found in others • Easy to install, see, and use